Fancy Wide Numbered Row Performance Development Plan

Form Description: If your business happens to have more than one employee then you know just how important it can be to keep track of what happens to your employees. Whenever you have a disciplinary action, performance evaluation, or some other type of action taken you really should create a plan of action for your employee to follow. With this Performance Development Plan in place you will be able to not only help your employee get better, but also help avoid any future repeats of that problematic behavior. If there is a single drawback to keeping large amounts of data on a single form, it has got to be how easy it is to get distracted and confused about what is on the form. One way to combat that problem is by using a form that has numbered lines. This particular edition of the form has those numbered lines to help you later on reference the data that you have entered onto it. Furthermore, with this edition of the Performance Development Plan you have extra wide rows. These wide rows allow you the easier ability to enter the information in by hand. This can definitely be a huge help when you are writing down the work necessary as you go. All in all, it can make the perfect working copy to use until you are ready for the final version to be sent out. Who ever said that business paperwork needs to be boring? Have a little fun with your corporate paperwork by using this fancy version of the performance development plan It still allows you to maintain all of the important information that you need to pass on to your employees, but also allows you to have a bit of fun at the same time.

Form Orientation: Portrait orientation

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